Dental SPA

At Dental Care Clinic, we not only want our patients to have a healthy mouth and body, and a beautiful smile, but we want them to enjoy the process! When you think of a visit to the dentist, it probably conjures up that unmistakable dental office smell, the whine of the drill, and a cold, clinical ambiance. Well, get ready to replace that vision with a peaceful, stress-free environment where you can be pampered while taking advantage of the latest and most comfortable techniques of modern dentistry.

A Relaxing Environment

Wellness information is available on screen as well as in the variety of health magazines we offer our patients while waiting for their appointment.

Stress-free Dental Procedures

We provide the ultimate audio-video environment to help you forget you’re even seated in a dental chair
You can use our High Speed Internet service to keep contact with your business or friends.
All made easy for you while we are taking care of your dental needs.

Wellness Services

We recognize the relationship between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. We’re here to help you maintain optimum wellness.

Our dental hygienist provides a comprehensive wellness review to determine your health status and screening for osteoporosis, oral cancer, peridontal disease, heart and circulatory problems and saliva testing.

All of these health issues are intimately related to the condition of your mouth. We also offer a simple laser screening to test the levels of anti-oxidants in your body, essential to good health.


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